My shoot with Andy at Exact Digital went so smoothly--because we planned my looks ahead of time and he highly prepared his lighting and backgrounds with each of my looks, we were able to execute each look and have success! His energy is very calming and confident, which helped me feel ensured while shooting that I was investing in a good product/service.

    He was very open to ideas (for my athletic shot needs and for 'couple' photos), and made the shoot about what looks I needed in order to book, rather than stylized photos that he may want as a photographer.

    He was correspondent with communication, before and after the shoot! I am thankful to have found him!

    thumb Erica E.

      So I have not had the best experiences  with reproduction companies, I only wish I would have met Andy at Exact Digital first. Andy was so honest and considerate with my headshots. He gave me options and most importantly treated me with respect which unfortunately is rare in this business. If you or anyone you know is looking for a company that will treat your headshot and you with respect and care, look no further.

    thumb Nancy M.

      Andy at ExactDigital rocks! I was highly impressed with his use of lighting and backgrounds to accentuate and bring out the best in the headshots I took. His eye was impeccable, as he continuously surprised me with the clarity and quality of his photos. I appreciated all of the advice he gave as he guided me through my photoshoot, and I loved how relaxed and fun he made it feel! Definitely will be going back next time I need to update my shots. Thank you, Andy!

    thumb Nathan J.

      New headshots by Exact digital Im so happy!!
    There's a lot of photographers in Los angeles but they don't have the experience in the acting business that Andy has he knows what works I highly recommend him and if your a newbie and are lucky enough to work with him your starting off on the right foot.

    thumb Richard B.

      Andy has a sharp eye for character and subtle features. The real talent and one of the best professionals I had a pleasure to work with.

    thumb Serge L.

      I went to Andy on a referral from my acting coach and he was so great to work with. I took multiple different looks and got plenty of options to choose from in the proofs. Andy does such a great job of making you feel comfortable and using light that compliments you and the tone you are trying to set with your look. I will refer anyone his way based on the quality of the shots with a pricing that is hard to beat. Thanks for making my shoot fun and giving me the exact shots I was looking for!

    thumb Gatlin D.

      I cannot tell you how blown away I was by Andy and Exact Digital.  He made me feel so comfortable, both in the correspondence and in person. We went over all of our looks and he had great suggestions, then had a wonderful way behind the camera that made me feel relaxed and myself. He has an incredible set up with a wide range of lighting styles and options for any look or shot you would need. I also NEVER felt rushed. My only problem now is I have too many shots to chose from that I like! Regardless- I cannot WAIT to use them. AND I will definitely be back for other looks and sessions. Could not recommend him any more. Book him now!

    thumb Stephanie S.

      What's up everybody! My wife and I shot with Andy and it was nothing less than awesome! He is a down to earth human being and respectful, Unlike and unfortunately, like a lot of photographers out there. His work is of the highest quality and you shouldn't have any doubts of working with him.


    thumb Nathan B.

      Andy's creativity and ability to capture the true personality of my son is exactly what we needed to get the best head shots possible.  He came highly recommended to us, and I will pass on the recommendation to anyone in need of quality photos.  Amazing!

    thumb Kimberly M.

      If you're like me, and getting your headshots done is something you just dread, Andy is the guy for you. Every time I've gotten headshots done, I've been up tight and uncomfortable, and I think it showed in the photos. But with Andy, all that anxiety of wondering if they were going to look good went out the window. He has a very chill, relaxed vibe, and at the same time, you somehow know your shots are going to turn out fantastic.
    My agent was looking for something very specific. He recommended a photographer that was way out of my price range. I showed Andy the photographer's shots and discussed what I wanted, Andy said "No problem." The shots came out exactly how I wanted. I was so happy with the results. And so was my agent 😉
    I'll definitely be returning to Andy for more shots in the future.

    thumb Barrett C.

      I've been working with Andy for years, and his eye for images and light never ceases to impress. Never have I felt headshots were a chore or "work" with him as he is set up and ready to go when you arrive, and the atmosphere he creates in his studio is light, professional and fun. Great talent, great man. His images speak for him!

    thumb Drew I.

      Awesome job on the headshots. Easy to work with! Great quality shots. I would recommend Andy to everyone.

    thumb Brian P.

      Andy is an outstanding photographer and a very nice person..His skills with light, color and lens create magic in every single photograph that he shoots.. its a work of art.. I will always recommend Andy for your headshots and pictures if you are planning to launch yourself and make your mark felt in the world of cinema 🙂

    thumb Paulami G.

      Out of all of the photographers I've shot with he has been my favorite , he's great with natural lighting and knows exactly what back drops to use for each photo , he's great at going through your wardrobe that you bring to pick and choose the ones that will pop out the most and what I liked most is he's quick with sending the proofs and edits back , I would highly recommend Andy for any actor out there to get updated headshots or new headshots

    thumb Taylor M.

      This guy is the truth! Had a great photo session, easy and fun to work with and definitely knows his job. Photos came out better than I expected. I would recommend Andy to anybody.

    thumb Curtis P.

      As any actor knows, getting new headshots can be an absolute pain. Not with Andy! He knows exactly how to capture the energy in you and works with light so well. These are my favorite headshots I've ever gotten, and my management was impressed by all the options they get to choose from! I'll definitely shoot with him again next time I need new shots!

    thumb Brittany H.

      I took photos with Andy a week ago with a recommendation from a friend. He works quickly and professionally. Clearly knows what he's doing. Everything I've gotten back looks fantastic. He makes the pain of getting new headshots a breeze, I definitely suggest anyone looking to get new pictures looking into his business.

    thumb Zack Y.

      I can't say enough great stuff about this experience! I've wanted to work with Andy for over a year, and when I contacted him, he was able to squeeze me in last minute within the week. He helped pick out the best looks, and I was really happy with the proofs. I looked better than I've ever been shot. Not to mention he got me those proofs extremely quick! Needless to say my agent and manager were impressed by this quick turnover..
    I'm also a vlogger, and vlogged our session for my channel. Andy even thanked me for including our shoot in my vlog that he threw in a few retouches for free..  what a good guy! I highly recommend working with Exact Digital!

    thumb Jordan L.

      Andy took my headshots last week and I am so happy with how they came out. Super chill guy and is worth taking a look at

    thumb Lovell S.

      Andy is awesome to work with! His style makes you feel very relaxed and fun to shoot. I felt very comfortable in his studio and he utilized it quite well.  I have shot with many LA photographers and find Andy is different in that he works with actors as well with his management company so he knows the shots that are going to help you book. He is fast  delivery and every photo is clean and clear. I highly recommend if you are looking for great shots that stand out.

    thumb Rod S.

      Andy recently took headshots for me, and I'm really happy with the results! His creativity, intuition, and easygoing attitude are a combination that is hard to come by among LA photographers. His use of different lighting and backdrops makes for truly vibrant, colorful shots that are full of life and personality. He patiently works with you to ensure you end up with high-quality shots that casting directors will really respond to! Thanks Andy!!!

    thumb Megan Z.

      Andy is THE BEST! Extremely phenomenal work and a pleasure to work with. Very talented, kind, respectful and generous. I would recommend him to anyone and he IS worth it! Thank you, Andy! Always coming back to ya.

    thumb Julie K.

      Yesterday, Andy took my headshots and we had an amazing session. My agent is seriously going to have a ton of good shots to choose from. I went there not really knowing much about Andy except that my agent and a few other industry contacts had referred me and I was told that Andy has a unique way of getting the shot and that I would be happy with the end result. That's exactly what I experienced. Once I arrived, Andy was all set up and ready to go, showing me my own large and comfortable dressing room and my own restroom. His entire studio (rooms and outdoor areas) is extremely versatile and can fit any look and feel you need as an actor to make your shots unique and so that they stand out to casting when they're going through submissions. The most important thing to me going in was hoping that I would be comfortable and that Andy would bring out sides of me that define who I really am. It was super easy and natural feeling to shoot with him. He brought everything  out of me and I never felt I had to dig for it. Not once. I can't even explain how he does it, but he's truly got a gift for it. Felt like being in the comfort of my own home and he makes you feel that way.

    thumb S M.

      I love when a photographer gives you exactly what you want!!! He has an amazing eye and my agent was stoked on all of them!! He even threw in a few free looks! Thanks Andy

    thumb Dynamite D.

      Andy is an incredible headshot photographer!! I saw some of his work when I was helping a friend  cast their short film & immediately got ExactDigital's info so I could book a session with him. He has shot me twice now and it most certainly won't be my last.

    Amazing studio set up. Great photos that require little editing. Quick turnaround. Plus, he recommended an amazing makeup artist, who is now my go-to person.

    I highly recommend!!!

    thumb JJ A.

      I had a great experience shooting with Andy and love the way my headshots came out. He's got a great eye for colors, background, and variety of shots. My agent loves my headshots, which is a major plus. He also recommended an excellent make up artist who I was super pleased with. Will definitely be shooting with Andy again!

    thumb Mimi B.

      Andy is wonderful to work with and provides only the best results! He was referred to me by a friend to touch up my headshots and let me tell you, whatever "magic" he did really helped my photos pop! Communicating what I wanted with him was easy; he always got back to me right away and provided me with exactly what I asked for. Not to mention he does this all at a very reasonable price! I definitely recommend him.

    thumb Caitlin K.

      He brings you out in your pics!!! He plays music and gets you out of your head. Brings the actor creative side out. Amazing experience!

    thumb Dustin S.